Business & Administrative Consultancy

System Architecture

MUGHAL CONSULTANCY offers consultancy to business that wants to create a system to improve their processes. Processes could be managerial, production, logistical, and business processes. We are able to make system architecture according to the client’s needs. MUGHAL CONSULTANCY will provide 2D diagrams of the whole system. We are open to working with clients on-site as well. We will use a systems engineering framework to verify the client’s requirements in the initial phases of the project which will decrease the probability of wasting money and time of the client.

Technology management & Knowledge management

The introduction of new technology creates a hurdle for businesses as the company’s employees don’t want to embrace new technology in the early stages. Most businesses avoid technological advancement due to the mentioned reason. MUGHAL CONSULTANCY offers consultancy services to businesses that want to implement new technology in their business. We are able to work closely with clients to implement the new technological systems. We also offer organizations to focus on their management of organizational knowledge. Businesses can save a lot of expenses if they can use ICT services properly. MUGHAL CONSULTANCY offers training to the employees of the client’s organization to learn and effectively use new as well as current technology or ICT systems. Our methodology would be to upsell and cross-sell our services to the clients.

3D Design and Simulation Analysis

MUGHAL CONSULTANCY offers the service of 3D design and simulation analysis of products in SolidWorks, CATIA, and Creo-Parametric to production, manufacturing, and subsea business. We are able to create 3D diagrams of the parts of the system of interest according to the client’s requirements. We are professional in using the above-mentioned software. We are also offering simulation analysis of the 3D products as well.

IT Services and Consultancy

Requirements management

MUGHAL CONSULTANCY provides requirements management service to software development and automation companies. We offer expertise in eliciting and analyzing requirements, ensuring that the needs and expectations of stakeholders are clearly understood and documented. By prioritizing requirements, we help companies allocate resources effectively and focus on the most critical aspects of a project. MUGHAL CONSULTANCY also plays a vital role in verifying and validating requirements, ensuring that the software meets the specified criteria and aligns with stakeholder goals. We facilitate communication among project teams, resolve conflicts, and provide clarity on requirements. Additionally, we support testing and validation activities, ensuring that the implemented software meets quality standards. Our services contribute to the overall success of software development projects and promote continuous improvement within the company’s requirements engineering practices.

IOT Services

The goal of MUGHAL CONSULTANCY is to obtain contracts for installation, maintenance and architecture of Data Centers from other contracting businesses. We offer services for planning, design, and execution of numerous components that are required for data center installation and architecture in order to provide a dependable, scalable, and secure facility for housing and managing crucial data and IT equipment.

ICT Consultancy

MUGHAL CONSULTANCY specializes in offering advising services for the setup of cutting-edge technology at client locations, including specially designed setups based on particular client needs. In addition to assisting in the analysis of your company’s needs and guaranteeing the successful implementation of customized solutions, our extensive range of consulting services also includes a wide range of solutions. We are committed to helping you determine your specific needs and implement technology solutions that are as efficient and effective as possible.

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